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Rove Stalking Meghan McCain on Twitter

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By Ben Cohen

The last person you would ever want to have on
your twitter page is Karl Rove, particularly if you are Meghan McCain.
The slimy reptilian creature did his best to smear her father back in
2000, spreading rumors that he had fathered an illegitimate black child
(amongst other outrageous slanders), effectively knocking him out of
the race. Anyhow, Rove has apparently added Meghan as a contact on
Twitter in an attempt to plug himself into 'the youth vote'. The savvy
McCain was all over it, ripping the creepy war criminal for the transparent move:

Oddly enough, Rove’s Tweets seem to reveal a softer side to him. Call

it savvy marketing, but I find it disingenuous. And it’s a bit weird to

think his people—not even Rove himself—are following me. I’d like to

think it’s because they find what I’m saying entertaining, but I can’t

help thinking they’re just trying to seem connected to young people.

Meghan McCain brings a remarkably fresh perspective to the political
spectrum, mostly because she is an intelligent and thoughtful
conservative, open to debate and willing to admit how ridiculous her
party is. Rove represents the polar opposite, but his slithering
political instincts are literally forcing him to stalk the younger
generation in the hope of picking up some tricks. Embracing new
technology won't save the Republican Party, just like hiring minorities
and women won't. Ideas will rescue the party, and unfortunately for
Rove, he doesn't have any.