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Israel/Palestine Talks to Start

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By Ben Cohen

The progressive community must get geared up for the next slew of Right Wing attacks when Obama invites the Egyptian, Israeli and Palestinian leaders to the White House within the next two months. It does appear that Obama is at least making superficial overtures towards the Palestinians, creating the impression that the conflict will be dealt with more even handedly. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but we can be sure that any inclusion of the Palestinians at a high level will not sit well with the GOP and conservative media.

I'm personally hopeful that Obama will be able to make ground with the Israelis as I think he understands the conflict from a far broader perspective than this predecessors. The inclusion of the pro-Israel Rahm Emmanuel in the negotiations may actually be a benefit as he could potentially wield greater influence given his high profile support of Israel. It seems that Emmanuel is more than willing to tow the Obama line of two independent states, and not afraid to tell Israeli leaders that they will have to do as they are told.

The Right will of course, do their best to sabotage these efforts, so the blogosphere must be on high alert to counter the impending idiocy.