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Dick Cheney's Rear End Universe

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The Peculiar Toy by Hopiraven / Sharon H.

By Ben Cohen

Dick Cheney literally speaking out of his backside:

"I've been concerned at the way we've been presented overseas... What I

find disturbing is the extent to which he's gone to Europe and seemed

to apologize profusely, been to Mexico and seemed to apologize there,"

said Cheney. "The world out there, both our friends and foes, will be

quick to take advantage of that... I don't think we have much to

apologize for."

The quote is rather revealing in that it shows Cheney to be absolutely bat shit crazy. The Bush Administration has been perhaps the most loathed presidency in the history of the United State, both at home, and abroad. It's difficult to envision a reality where America doesn't have much to apologize for: Two botched wars, Katrina, massively increased poverty, a health care crisis, the biggest economic catastrophe in 80 years that is rippling around the world, the refusal to speak with enemies, the deterioration of Israel/Palestine, an increasingly volatile Iran and North Korea....and the list goes on.

The universe where the Bush Administration has done no wrong exists only in Cheney's rear end, a place we'll fortunately never see. It's just a shame he keep trying to show us.

photo by Hopiraven / Sharon H