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Tea Bag Monkeys

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Is it just a chimp or maybe a far cousin? by wmphoto.

By Ben Cohen

Matt Taibbi has three questions for the Tea Baggers:

The real reason nobody takes the teabaggers seriously is that they have no answers to several enormous holes in the parody of a protest argument they tried to make last week. I got nearly two hundred letters this weekend and not one of them had an answer for any of the following:

1. If you’re so horrified by debt and spending, where were your tea parties when George Bush was adding $4 trillion to the federal deficit?

2. If you’re so outraged by the bailouts, where were your tea parties when the bailouts were first instituted by Henry Paulson and George Bush last fall?

3. If you’re so troubled by pork, where were your tea parties when the number and cost of congressional earmarks rose spectacularly in each year of Republican congressional rule between 1996 and the end of the Republican majority in 2006?

It's unlikely the Tea Baggers will be able to answer any of these questions, as they basically collapse the premise of their silly protests. The cause was so disingenuous that it is likely most of them didn't believe what they were saying. It smacked of middle American white racists being rallied by corporate interests to perform like monkeys for a cause they didn't understand. It was an excuse to vent some anger at the new black President, and beyond that, not much more.

photo by wmphoto