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Air America Asking For Donations? Failure.

One of the problems - and they are multifold - with Air America is that so much of it has always been set up as a more partisan version of NPR. If people want an NPR experience, they're going to turn on NPR. NPR will do a better job.

Now apparently Air America plans to ask its listeners for donations. This is ridiculous. They are, theoretically, a talk radio network. After all these years, they should act more like one. How about some talk radio programs and not NPRish content. NPR entertains and informs but it doesn't often drive people to political action - that was supposed to be the reason, as well as business, behind Air America - and it has failed at it several times now.

P.S. I should note that if, six years ago, you had told me that the random idiots on computers would be light years ahead of the multimillion dollar liberal talk radio effort, I would have laughed my ass off at you. That said, its not all annoying.