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All is Not Lost

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By Ben Cohen

Bob Cesca urges us to look at the big picture when it comes to bashing Obama:

At the risk of appearing worshippy, I seriously have to ask with all due respect: What's the point? While

the president hasn't been perfect


he's made huge strides in the positive directions in just three short

months -- some of these have far exceeded our expectations. Put another

way, ballplayers who nail base hits in four out of ten at-bats are

inducted into the Hall of Fame. I would suggest that President Obama is

batting at least .500 so far. Saying so isn't about messianic worship.

It's about being realistic.

A friend of mine also sent me this clip of Elizabeth Warren (the head of the congressional oversight panel on the toxic asset relief program) on The Daily Show talking about the need for proper regulation. And yes, her words did make me feel a bit better:

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I'm not sold, but I do think the left may be in danger of expecting too much while not appreciating the political horseplay Obama must do to get anything done.