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Apparently We're Going To Stop Being Stupid On Cuba

Finally. I spent most of my teen years in South Florida, and could never understand the mindset that keeping up a 50 year frosty relationship with Cuba was going to do anything productive to topple Castro and bring democracy to the people.

In remarks to be delivered Friday to representatives of 34 countries at the Summit of the Americas here, President Obama says he is seeking "a new beginning" in U.S. relations with Cuba.

"Every one of our nations has a right to follow its own path," a transcript of his prepared remarks reads. "But we all have a responsibility to see that the people of the Americas have the ability to pursue their own dreams in democratic societies.

"Toward that end, the United States seeks a new beginning with Cuba."

Obama also met Hugo Chavez, who while a nut, is also elected leader of Venezuela. Rest of world had to grin and bear it when Bush was our public face, so...