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Scenes From The DC Teabag Revolution

Remember, its the left's fault we keep coming up with teabag jokes.

Just two more, fellow liberals, and we get a free sub!

On election night, Lafayette Park was a mad crush of people. Yesterday? Not so much.

Remember, the protests were a bipartisan affair.

They said the protest was about taxes... and yet immigration:

They really don't like Pelosi (but remember, they're nonpartisan):

Remember, these folks aren't anti-Obama...

This guy clearly didn't understand "pithy". Way too many ideas crammed into a sign.

John McCain? Is that you?

Young America's Foundation hands out "I Love Capitalism" signs. Grassrootsy!

They compare the president to a terrorist. But they're not partisan.

The CATO Institute boys and girls protest all dressed up and with custom umbrellas. Yes, that sign says "end the occupation" of the United States. Apparently CATO isn't familiar with those "election" thingees.

Godwin violators don't know how to spell "tyranny".

Ah! A fan of "The Factor"

Who knew the choice was so clear?

Is Gestapo Queen anything like Dancing Queen?

Remember, they're non-partisan. It isn't about Obama...

Ana Marie Cox got really wet.

This just doesn't make any sense.

The Fairness Doctrine conspiracy theorists were out.

Well? Is he???

This woman was really pretty. Sadly she was screaming that health care was a privilege, not a right. I'm guessing she'll have a show on Fox News soon.

And then it was all over after one of the geniuses threw something over the White House fence and made the cops shut things down.