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Good Bye to Sarah Palin?

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By Ben Cohen

Is the GOP finally seeing the light? Via Andrew Sullivan/US News:

Worse than Dan Quayle before her, Alaska Gov.

Sarah Palin


bright star has fast faded in the eyes of Washington Republican

officials and analysts, calling into question her efforts to become a

national party figure ready to run for the White House. "She's just not

ready for prime time," said a party strategist who has worked for


President Bush



"I mean, she's starting to look like she's having trouble being

governor of Alaska." At issue is her weak debut, hampered by the

mishandling of her by Sen. John McCain's campaign, and subsequent

family issues such as the most recent

tiff with Levi Johnston

, the father of her first grandchild and ex-fiancé of her daughter Bristol.

It seems to me that there are two warring wings in the GOP - one wedded to some resemblance of reality, and the other, so out of touch they genuinely believe Sarah Palin would be a good President (and are taking part in the Tea Bag debacle/Glenn Beck revolution etc).