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Should We Be Worried About the Tea Baggers?

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By Ben Cohen

The instinct to laugh at the preposterous behavior of the far right is a strong one. Watching Glenn Beck blabber and sob on live TV is great fun to watch, but the fact that many people take him seriously is extremely worrying. Writes Bob Cesca:

My serious concern is that the crazy tea bag parties and the

inflammatory FOX News rants will begin to resonate and, dare I say,

evolve. How often have we watched a crazy Drudge headline turn up in

the establishment press as "conventional wisdom?" Once the far-right

message makes that leap, it won't take much for it to stir up the

notorious American "gut reaction." While liberal discourse tends to be

smarter and more policy-driven, the far-right is all about the bumper

sticker. For better or worse, Americans


bumper stickers.

The Right is in free fall at the moment, but the 25% of the population that believe George Bush was a great President are still there, adamant in their beliefs and ready fight at the drop of a hat. We're on a liberal high with the election of Barack Obama, but if the economy worsens, the high minded rhetoric won't mean much as jobs evaporate and living standards deteriorate. The Right is notoriously effective at capitalizing on fear, and should the time be right, Glenn Beck and his cohorts will be ready to take over with their insane vision of reality. We've seen what can happen when America gets scared, and it wasn't much fun for the rest of the world (and many Americans). While the Tea Baggers might be funny to watch right now, it could be a very different story in the near future.