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Karl Rove Is Clearly A Comedian

I'm really not interested in the merits or demerits of this non-story* about Joe Biden and what he did or didn't say to George W. Bush (I'm inclined to believe Biden, but whatever) but this quote from Karl Rove is hilarious:

"You should not exaggerate and lie like this when you are the Vice President of the United States."

Karl Rove worked for the biggest liar and most odious excuse of a subhuman being in history to ever hold the office of the vice presidency in the guise of Dick Cheney. For Rove to lecture on Vice Presidential truthfulness is like Oedipus lecturing on what an appropriate relationship with your mother is.

* The story is the perfect kind of nonsense Drudge story that once determined our political fates in America, and I found it on Drudge. Thankfully for the time being we're very over that obsession with Republican-created trivia noise.