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Bob Cesca Batters Glenn Beck

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By Ben Cohen

A great piece by Bob Cesca, ripping the idiotic Glenn Beck for essentially advocating gun violence:

The news media, either in the form of commentary or hard news, has a
responsibility to remain within certain ethical boundaries, primarily
because it operates in the context of the real world -- not to mention
the prestige of being the only industry to be specifically listed in
the Bill of Rights. Viewers, listeners and readers, for better or
worse, take the news seriously because it's packaged and sold as an
authoritative, credible and accurate delivery method for understanding
and observing events both seen and unseen.

So it stands to reason that people might take Beck or Michele
Bachmann seriously when they say, in the context of a news network and
with convincing zeal, that President Obama is a Manchurian candidate and a Nazi who's shoving dissenters and children into concentration camps, and therefore we have an obligation to become "armed and dangerous" in order to save America.