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Levi Johnston Drama

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By Ben Cohen

I must confess to being fairly amused by this whole Levi Johnston/Sarah Palin drama. It has absolutely nothing to do with anything remotely serious, but it is a perfect case study of the media's obsession with personality driven politics. It also highlights how awful Sarah Palin is, and is a reminder of how lucky we were that she fouled up the Republican ticket back in 2008.

The CBS clip that is circulating the web is your typical, Opra-esque bullshit; mothers crying, fake emotions dramatized by great camera work, tons of makeup, and overly sincere questioning from an even more heavily made up presenter. It pulls the emotional strings, and you end up feeling sorry for Levi Johnston, and hating Sarah Palin even more.

The fact that Palin is engaging with this type of nonsense says much about her level of sophistication and class. She is caught in a difficult family conflict, and has chosen to publicly respond to all allegations with disdain and arrogance.

Regardless of the veracity of Johnston's statements, Palin should not be commenting on ANY of it. It degrades her as a person, and makes her a laughing stock in political circles. It's hard not to watch the drama unfold though, as it feeds a guilty pleasure that refuses to die. The media loves everything Sarah Palin, and she walks into every trap they set. And until they stop, it will be too hard to turn off. Unfortunately, I'm hooked.