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War on Drugs

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By Ben Cohen

David Sirota hails the glimmer of rationality the government is showing on the 'War on Drugs':

Finally, after America has frittered away

billions of taxpayer dollars arming Latin American death squads,

airdropping toxic herbicide on equatorial farmland and incarcerating

more of its own citizens on nonviolent drug charges than any other

industrialized nation, two political leaders last week tried to begin

taming the most wildly out-of-control beast in the government zoo:

federal narcotics policy.

It started with Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton stating an embarrassingly obvious truth that
politicians almost never discuss. In a speech about rising violence in
Mexico, she said, “Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the
drug trade,” and then added that “we have co-responsibility” for the
cartel-driven carnage plaguing our southern border.