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Obama's No Nuclear Pledge

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By Ben Cohen

Obama's pledge to rid the world of nuclear weapons is a big promise, and not one many think possible. But it is a mighty step in the right direction, and a damn sight better than George Bush's militaristic nihilism that drove the world closer and closer to a nuclear confrontation.

Quoted in the Guardian, Obama said the following:

"The spread of nuclear weapons or the theft of nuclear material

could lead to the extermination of any city on the planet," he warned,

adding that suspected rogue nuclear states, such as

North Korea



, may only be persuaded to abandon their quests if the big nuclear powers set an example.

"We can't reduce the threat of a nuclear weapon going off unless those that possess the most nuclear weapons, the United States and Russia, take serious steps to reduce our stockpiles," Obama said. "So we want to pursue that vigorously in the years ahead."

However, Obama's continued expansion of military adventures in Afghanistan detracts from his pledge, as it sends a stark message to the world that America is not done projecting its power in the region. Countries like Iran will not be convinced that America seeks peace if it continues to bomb Arab nations and supports Israel unconditionally. If the U.S is serious about a nuclear free planet, it will stop providing other countries with reasons to arm themselves.