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GOP "Budget" Shows Us: They're Not Serious

There is no serious Republican opposition to the President and the Democratic party. Oh, a Republican party exists, but its a clown-car sideshow, not a serious alternative. More evidence today of that from the laughable "alternative" budget they pushed out after last week's windmill fiasco. The GOP plan calls for a Herbert Hoover style spending freeze. This was an asinine idea when John McCain pushed it last year, and it was disastrous when Herbert Hoover helped plunge America into the Great Depression.

Politics in American history has traditionally been a two party deal, with conflicting visions of how the nation ought to work hammered out. But only one party is actually serious in these troubling times. The Democrats have come to play. The GOP is irrelevant by their own actions.

ALSO: Conservative bloggers like Erick Erickson are also jokes.