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Zogby Poll Rears Its Head Again, Right Wingers Swoon

As we saw during the 2008 election, John Zogby's polls are ridiculous. They're ridiculous when they've shown Democrats in the lead, and ridiculous when they've shown Republicans in the lead. A Zogby poll is like Jim Cramer telling you to buy Bear Stearns but even less accurate. So its no wonder conservative blogs like Powerline (are they still looking for the Democrat who wrote the Schiavo memo?) and conservative newspapers like the Boston Herald are flogging a Zogby poll that's supposedly going to show Obama at 50%. It isn't that I don't think the President's numbers will fluctuate over time (though I'd go out on a limb and say he's never going to hit the sub-25% that was the last 3 years of his predecessor), but Zogby just isn't credible.

Right now the credible pollsters have President Obama's approval rating at about 59%.

UPDATE: True to form, Instapundit pimps the b.s. as well.

>> The Worst Pollster in the World Strikes Again

>> John explains why the right is getting hot and bothered about Zogby:

Rasmussen and Zogby will keep telling you what you pay them to tell you, but it doesn’t reflect what is actually going on in the real world.