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Seriously, You Don't Scare Us Anymore

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Redstate joins the chorus on the right assuming that liberal attacks on Bobby Jindal are due to us being scared of him.

Bobby Jindal doesn't scare anyone. Nor for that matter do Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter or the rest of the mental midgets that form the core of the conservative/Republican axis.

It's not as if we've never been scared of the right. For 8 years we feared what George W. Bush and Dick Cheney would do to America, and sadly the damage done was even worse than most of us (including myself) feared.

But now? I have no doubt that the right will one day again be on top, there will likely be more than a few Republican presidents within my lifetime. But right now you've got idiots like Sarah Palin and cartoons like Bobby Jindal being touted as serious national candidates. I'm too young to remember it firsthand, but I've got to feel that liberals today feel like LBJ did in 1964 or Ronald Reagan felt in 1984: You can't be serious.

So we mock, not the way we mocked Bush out of fear of what he would and did do, but out of that most natural of reasons: Conservatives and republicans, right now in 2009 are the most mockable of public figures. We've just been through the first election in what could turn out to be a fundamental shift in voting attitudes in America. Conservatives, outside of the mainstream media who pretends as if they're still at the 60%+ strength of 2003-4, are on the outs looking in, tilting at a president with a 60-70% approval rating. And in light of that scenario, they have appointed a gaggle of circus clowns as their standard-bearers.

There's nothing sinister, we don't think based on your activities that you're going to get competent overnight, by all indications the right thinks that the same old tax cut b.s. pushed by the same old characters and some buffoonish new ones is going to roll back the recent tide.

How could you not laugh?