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Obama Policies Attacked By IBM CEO. Wait, No They Weren't.

IBM CEO/Chairman Sam Palmisano seems to have missed the CNBC/Fox News talking points about how all businessmen cower under the iron foot of President Obama.

From today's appearance by the President at the Business Roundtable"

MR. PALMISANO: On behalf of everyone in the business community, we're very, very encouraged with your words and your support. You've always said that you were committed to the competitiveness of American business. You've always said you're committed to the competitiveness of our country. And we really appreciate it. We are in tough times.

I also want to thank you for all the support in the stimulus package. And when we met, you listened to us and you implemented many of our ideas and your leadership made a difference. So, again, we appreciate it.

And what does the head of IBM know about business, anyhow? It isn't like they have Business as part of their na--


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