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Nia-Malika Henderson, Please STFU

Nia-Malika Henderson of the Politico has written... well, not really a story so much as a bit of Drudgeish linkbait discussing whether First Lady Michelle Obama is doing too much.

Now, of course, Mrs. Obama is doing the thing First Ladies have done from time immemorial, drawing vital media and public attention to issues they think need to be highlighted. Laura Bush did it, Hillary Clinton did it, Barbara Bush did it, etc.

There's really nothing new here. But I guess Henderson has her Politico b.s. quota to fill so she's got to write a story (always critical of the Obamas, as the Politico does) to whip up questions that nobody besides congressional bobos like Darrel Issa are asking.

People like Nia-Malika Henderson make me cheer for the oncoming death of the mainstream media to happen in double time.