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I'm As Powerful As Ted Turner*

Well, it isn't every day that I get compared to the founder of CNN. The proud know-nothings at Newsbusters are up in arms over this post I made on Ash Wednesday. In the twisted mind of Ken Shepherd, the post was somehow mocking of the entire concept of Ash Wednesday.

I thought for a second about taking this thing seriously, but I can't really muster that up. I think all religion is weird, to varying degrees and in concert with my posts slamming the Catholic Church for its pro-pedophile activities, I've also hit Muslims for engaging in reactionary censorship (the Dutch cartoons) and atheists for being asses. I honestly don't think I've written anything negative about Judaism, but I do own two yarmulkes by way of barmitvahs (I was called anti-semetic one time for attacking Joe Lieberman, but Joe Lieberman is a douchebag no matter what God he prays to). On the topic of religion its all weird, though not as weird as the bias fetishists on Newsbusters.

And yes, walking around with coal ash on your forehead is as weird when Bill Donohue does it as it is when Joe Biden and John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi do it. But this is America, a nation built on the idea of being free to be as weird as you want to, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

* Using the logic of Newsbusters.

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