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Hey Look, Dishonest Instapundit Is Dishonest

Glenn Reynolds points to this headline ("Obama to appear on Leno - will he bring a teleprompter?") on the Christian Science Monitor blog and asks "Is it just me, or are the MSM headlines getting a bit less respectful?"

Of course, its just him, but Reynolds has a vested interest in fooling his readers that there's a rising popular sentiment versus the president, when in fact popular sentiment remains widely in favor of President Obama. But let's take a look at the writer of this headline and note his new turn vs. Obama (according to Reynolds). His name is Jimmy Orr, and this is his previous work on the Christian Science Monitor site:

"Sarah “Joe Six Pack” Palin gets ready to rumble"
"New Limbaugh billboard slogan announced - creativity was not considered"
"The Limbaugh - Steele feud: Rahm’s beautiful ballet"
"Obama’s Valentine dinner - IHOP? Denny’s? Applebees?"
"Tucker Carlson calls Jon Stewart a cow (a sacred one)"
"Yee-haw! Palin gets involved in Texas politics - endorses Perry"
"Obama’s news conference - like watching paint dry but 50 million watch"

I mean, it's like the guy is a blogger who likes writing silly-ass headlines and its not any sort of evidence about the national sentiment moving against President Obama like Glenn Reynolds and his band of idiotic John Galt cosplayers want it to be so they can have their tea parties.