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Big Government Conservatives Impose Morality On Texans

Man, leave these people alone.

When Candace Aylor wanted a divorce, she would not have desired to take a marriage crisis counseling class and certainly would not want to pay for it.

'You've got to pay for daycare, you've got to pay for the divorce, you've got to pay for a new place to live all on your own and even as a professional, it was impossible for me. I had to get help,' she said.

A bill filed in the Texas House would require married couples with children seeking a no fault divorce to take the 10-hour class.

The fee could run up to $200 an hour, depending on the course provider.

Republican Representative Warren Chisum authored the bill.

'If we can save a few marriages, and I think we can save more than a few, but if we can save a few, it's worth our effort,' he said.

An abused spouse with documentation like a protective order or police report, such as Aylor had, would not be required to take the class.

Most women in abusive marriages don't have that kind of documentation though by the time their divorce cases finally end up at the courthouse.