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A Bunch Of Crazy M.F.ers

Do yourself a favor and check out the coverage of the last day of CPAC from Think Progress and Media Matters. I've gone to several of the Take Back America (now called America's Future Now) events (and was a panelist at one), the progressive version of the CPAC conference, and while I might roll my eyes at some of the more colorful utopian members of the left, none of them are as insane as your average CPAC speaker or attendee. I'm not in the Karl Rove school of premature triumphalism, but as long as the conservative movement allows mental patients to be their intellectual and public faces, the longer our current era of progressive governance will continue.

To Rush, Ann, Huckaboom, Chuck Norris and the rest of you screwjobs on the behalf of everyone on the left side of the aisle I say: THANKS.