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$4.10 A Day

Slate explores the terrible burden the six-figure set will have to endure under Obama's planned changes in the tax law.

Say you're a CNBC anchor, or a Washington Post columnist with a seat at the Council on Foreign Relations, or a dentist, and you managed to cobble together $350,000 a year in income. You're doing quite well. If you subtract deductions for state and property taxes, mortgage interest and charitable deductions, and other deductions, the amount on which tax rates are calculated might total $300,000. What would happen if the marginal rate on the portion of your income above $250,000 were to rise from 33 percent to 36 percent? Under the old regime, you'd pay $16,500 in federal taxes on that amount. Under the new one, you'd pay $18,000. The difference is $1,500 per year, or $4.10 per day.

$4.10! A DAY! ARE YOU MAD! Clearly that's the end of capitalism! We must instantly go to poorly attended protests about tea parties and engage in Ayn Rand cosplay!