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The Republican Parties long, slow descent into medievalism continues

by Ari Rutenberg

In the following clip, found by Andrew Sullivan, more clear evidence of Republican's total lack of ability to deal with serious policy issues emerges.

In an unsurprising, yet still shocking and appalling clip, Illinois Rep. John Shimkus (already famous just this week for his declaration that reducing CO2 would deprive the atmosphere of plant food) asserts that we need not worry about global warming because the Almighty will decide when it is time for the Earth to end.

Now I know that many people ascribe to this belief system, but it is utter nonsense. How can we even begin to seriously tackle the issue of global warming when people are still talking about magic men with grey beards in the sky making all of our important decisions? Oh, and it also demonstrates the rank hypocrisy of evangelicals like Shimkus, who spend enormous amounts of time trying to debunk science, and then when a government study, such as the employment study Shimkus sites from the Illinois Deparment of Natural Resources, supports their theolgical position, they wave it all over the place as oevidence that God will decide everything.

I have just one question for Shimkus and his ilk: If God makes the important decisions, like what an appropriate level of atmospheric CO2 might be, then shouldn't God also decide who is employed and who eats, and who dies in the street of hunger? If so, than who cares if people are employed, after all it is God's will.