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Answers To Right Wing Questions

Patrick Ruffini writes another one of those "the left is screwing everything up, the right can capitalize on this with our silly nonsensical slogans and policy proposals" blog entries and winds up:

The right will be galvanized to action by the theft of the free enterprise system. What will the left be galvanized by?

Me: A competent and consistent well working government in the tradition of the American people.

One of the only reasons George W. Bush won the electoral college in 2000 (while losing the popular vote) was that the Democrat in office had done such a good job the American people figured that there was a limited amount of harm a conservative Republican president could do - we had surpluses for Christ's sake - and even under those circumstances the Republican had to run as a "compassionate conservative" and not the fringe sort of Palin/Limbaugh conservative that the Republican base now thinks is a normal person. Seriously, how could you not look at the Republican leadership and prominent Republicans like Jindal, Palin, etc. and not laugh your ass off?

The Republican party is now in "crazy base world" and has no way out for the near term. Even if they knock off a few Dems in conservative districts next year, they're likely to react to McCain's loss by picking a diehard "savior" who's likely to have the same sort of electoral luck when the Republicans tried that strategy in 1964 and when the Democrats tried the liberal version in 1972 and 1984.

Should that happen, 2016 is less likely to be 1968 or 1980 as they so badly want, but rather, its likely to be a 1940.