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Libertarian Madness Response

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By Ben Cohen

A reader posted this interesting comment on my Huff Post blog 'Libertarian Madness':

One of the elegantly circular fairy tales that libertarianism

propagates is disguising their actual, root concept of 'pure social

darwinism' with dreamy terms like "free markets" and "free choice." As

if stapling the word "free" magically transforms something from

ruthless and heartless into sweet and wonderful.

Mix in oblique, professorial-sounding anecdotes about marginally
documented, ancient civilizations (so there's no way to actually
perform a scientific analysis on cause-effect) and you have basically a
new religion. A religion whose practice will NEVER be implemented with
voter support in an industrialized nation, of course, which helps
perpetuate the tail-gunning lunacy. This is because they have the
luxury of blaming EVERYTHING bad on the failure of the world to take up
their belief system.

The author's most compelling statements surround the observation that
the most ardent Libertarians expose personality traits that belie a
lack of human empathy. I've witnessed the same thing. And it makes
sense you recognize that you'd have to truly not care about your
neighbors' well-being in order to embrace such a code.