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Health Insurance Companies Bogus Offer

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By Ben Cohen

In a sign that the Obama Administration could actually be serious about health care reform, the health insurance industry proposed a concession offering Americans insurance without preconditions, provided it mandates everyone purchases private care.

The idea is eerily similar to Hillary Clinton's plan (which was transparently an even bigger giveaway to the insurance industry), and an obvious attempt to preempt the coming debate by redefining the terms. The industry wants to buffer itself from the hailstorm of public criticism, and embark on a PR tour to convince everyone that they really are working in the interests of the public.

The problem is, left unregulated, they have driven up costs, bankrupted working people and made the U.S the laughing stock of the Western world. Why they think they can dictate the terms is any ones guess, but it won't be received well by the public, who have literally been robbed blind by the industry.

The insurance industry is concerned with one thing: Profit. And nothing else. The offer is one made purely out of self interest, and the idea of competing with a government plan is scaring the living daylights out of them. Obama does seem to be making a habit of sticking to his campaign promises, so creating a government plan to rival the insurance industry will be a huge blow, and by all means a welcome one.