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Journalists Sacrificing Careers When Speaking Out About Israel?

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By Ben Cohen

An excellent piece by Phil Weiss on the difficulties journalists face when confronting the elephant in the room, Israel and its treatment of the Palestinians. There's no doubt that Israel/Palestine is not covered fairly in the U.S (it still amazes me when Jews I know claim the U.S media is anti Israel), and the overwhelming majority of journalists assiduously avoid criticizing the Jewish state.

I still think the most powerful way to bring attention to the matter is for Jews to speak out against Israeli crimes as loud as they can. That's why I write openly about it, and will always put those ideals ahead of making money. Sites like Mondoweiss are invaluable to the cause, and their struggle will no doubt pay dividends in the end. As one of my favorite poets Aharon Shabtai wrote:

And when it's all over,
My dear, dear reader,

On which benches will we have to sit,

Those of us who shouted 'Death to the Arabs!'

And those who claimed they 'didn't know'?