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Is Jim Cramer off His Rocker?

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By Ben Cohen

I just saw Jim Cramer try to defend himself and attack Jon Stewart AGAIN - despite the fact he was given perhaps the most one sided battering in television history last week. Is this guy a glutton for punishment or what? According to Cramer, Stewart's attack on him and the media was 'naive' and 'unfair', an incredible change of tune given he basically accepted responsibility for his complicity in the financial melt down on Stewarts show.

This is akin to all the major network's pathetic attempts to claim they were duped by the Iraqi WMD case made by the Bush Administration AFTER the war had gone terribly wrong - a case so transparently ludicrous a 6th grader could have seen past it.

I had a begrudging respect for Cramer's mea culpa on Stewarts show, a sign that he wasn't a complete asshole, just a hack. Clearly, the man has had some pep talks from his corporate bosses at CNBC, and decided to try and rewrite the embarassing episode. I don't know who is telling him this is a good idea, but taking on Jon Stewart again is akin to Sarah Palin debating Abraham Lincoln. Not a wise move. Watch Cramer here.