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Extreme Zionist Calls for Killling Palestinian Prime Minister

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By Ben Cohen

From Mondoweiss:

A number of people have asked if I have a recording for the report that Israeli colonist

Nadia Matar called for the killing of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas last night

during a lecture at the

Safra Synagogue on E. 63rd Street

in New York. Here's an audio, including about 10 minutes of the 1-1/2

hour lecture. At the beginning, a guy in the crowd (somewhat inaudibly)

asks Matar, What do you do with a million Palestinians? Matar gives a

rambling and hair-raising answer, most of which is here, including the

statement that Israel should have kicked out all the Arabs in '48 or

'67 and grabbed the Temple Mount, too. At 2:30 or so she starts in

about Neville Chamberlain and Hitler and Churchill, which brings her,

at 3:15 or so, to Abbas.

Audio here