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Interview of the Century

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By Ben Cohen

I literally felt shivers down my spine watching Jon Stewart devastate CNBC's 'Fast Money' host Jim Cramer last night. The tense confrontation will go down in history as one of the American media's finest moments, incredible given it was a comedian doing the job of the news press.

Stewart was in no mood to joke when Cramer came on the show, embarrassing him with several clips of the host essentially admitting the whole trading game was a fraudulent scam, and telling him that his show was little better than an infomercial. Stewart systematically tore Cramer's arguments apart, eloquently expressing the rage that many Americans have been feeling about the financial shenanigans on Wall St, and berating him for not seeing the storm coming despite having all the available inside information.

It is quite possible, if not probable, that Stewart has ended Cramer's career. I can see no way he can come back from this, and despite the fact that Cramer is probably a nice guy, he has his finger prints all over the disaster and deserves everything he gets. Watch below:

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Jim Cramer Interview Outtake Pt. 1

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