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Sebelius: Test For Religious Right

The religious right is seriously against Kathleen Sebelius being nominated to Secretary of Health. Today alone right-wing Christian groups like the Family Research Council, Catholic League and Concerned Women of America have sent out e-mails opposing Sebelius. On the flip side, the anti-choice Sen. from Kansas, Sam Brownback, is supporting Sebelius.

My guess is if these guys can't derail Sebelius, its another nail in the coffin of the religious right's official organizations. I'm not saying the religious right is dead, but I think their days of being easily whipped up by these organizations in support of Republican goals may be in the past.

And could you blame them? They had a Republican president, House, and Senate and yet while the GOP worked to constrict a woman's right to choose, they basically committed baby steps in the eyes of the religous far right.