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Michael Steele, Bob Ehrlich Campaign Connection To Shady Money Dealings Investigated


The questions the I-Team is raising center on more than $400,000 paid out from several Republican accounts in the closing weeks of the 2006 campaign.

During the campaign in which Ehrlich tried to hold on to his job as governor and as Steele tried to claim a U.S. Senate seat, both campaigns were spending big money.

According to campaign records, some of the biggest payments from their accounts went to the same firm -- a Prince George's County firm that went by the name Allied Berton, LLC.

The firm's Web site said it was in the business of trading commodities, such as minerals, metals, coffee and sugar. But the campaign payments it received, according to the candidates' accounting, were for a wide range of other activities, according to campaign filings.

It's Wednesday, but after the groveling to Limbaugh and now this, I think the judges are ready to award Worst Week Ever to Michael Steele. (via)