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U.S Aid to Gaza not Spent on Rebuilding

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By Ben Cohen

Mondoweiss reports on the lack of American aid actually going to Gazans:

Although Hillary Clinton's message at Sharm El-Sheikh is that aid to

Gaza cannot be separated from the peace process and that aid must "

foster conditions in which a Palestinian state can be fully realized


the US's own pledge is undermining that very goal. Instead of helping

the people of Gaza, it seems the US's first priority is to prop up the

Abbas government. In addition to sending two-thirds of their aid to the

West Bank-based government, the US is withholding all aid for

rebuilding Gaza out of political concerns about Hamas. The

LA Times reports

, "U.S. officials are opposed to spending any money on reconstruction aid

to Gaza that might fall into the hands of Hamas and help strengthen the

group's standing among the enclave's 1.5 million residents."