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Malkin Defends Limbaugh

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By Ben Cohen

New GOP boss Michael Steele has been on the media circuit down playing Rush Limbaugh's importance in the party, only to be attacked by screeching conservative nut Michelle Malkin:

Limbaugh is an “entertainer,” Steele scoffed — on a CNN political show hosted by a comedian, I might note.

Yeah, so? Rush makes a living selling his opinions and trying to
reach as many as people as possible. You did the same as a fellow Fox
News contributor. So do I. Does it make your commitment to the
principles you espouse any less sincere?

We’ve had one too many Beltway Republicans bash conservatives because they happen to earn a living espousing their ideas.

Profit is not supposed to be a dirty word.

I'm loving the very public meltdown of the Republican party, as the competing factions consist of the ultra crazy, and the very crazy. Who will win? Most likely the very crazy (Michael Steele etc), but it won't matter in the long term. If Republicans have a prayer of remaining relevant, they'll need to listen to the David Brooks and Colin Powells of the party, not the superficial poster boys of brainless neo conservatism.