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Rush Limbaugh's America

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By Ben Cohen

If the Republican Party wants to remain politically irrelevant for the next 20 years, the must follow one simple rule: Do as Rush Limbaugh says.

The loud mouthed idiot is fast becoming the dominant voice of the Republican Party, and his speech at CPAC in Washington outlined how he sees the future of the party. Much of the address was spent attacking Obama, who he sees as the gravest threat to American outside of Osama Bin Laden. He said:

"He wants people in fear, angst and crisis, fearing the worst each and

every day, because that clears the decks for President Obama and his

pals to come in with the answers, which are abject failures,

historically shown and demonstrated. Doesn't matter. They'll have

control of it when it's all over. And that's what they want."

Limbaugh's answer of course, is to allow unfettered capitalism to solve everything and leave the government to rot. The history Limbaugh speaks of doesn't exist (government intervention was crucial in pulling the U.S out of the Great Depression), and unsurprisingly, the fat radio host didn't offer any actual evidence for his assertions.

Limbaugh represents what is left of the GOP, puff and bluster with no real solutions for the complex situation we now face. His extreme vision of a corporate capitalist state headed by religious fundamentalists is popular with about 25% of the population. It won't get any higher than that, and if Republicans bow to his bombast, they'll end up, as GOP political consultant Mike Murphy stated,"in permanent minority