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The Funny Thing About John Gibson

He absolutely didn't say that Eric Holder had a blue scrotum.


John Gibson did, absolutely say the following:

Gibson told African-American caller: "You're sticking with Obama, because he's ... a brother"

Fox News' Gibson asked whether "President Barack will blame America first"

Gibson, acknowledging he mocked Ledger's death, said: "There's no point in passing up a good joke"

Gibson knew school shooter was white because "[b]lack shooters don't" shoot themselves; "they shoot and move on"

Gibson on Jena demonstrators: "Black devils stalking their streets," but "[t]hey wanna fight the white devil"

Fox News' John Gibson's "interpretation" of Clinton comment: "Hillary makes a deal with Al Qaeda"

Fox's Gibson: U.S. invasion "unmasked" Iraqis as "knuckle-dragging savages from the 10th century"

Gibson on Rumsfeld's resignation: Are bin Laden and Saddam "dancing"?

Fox's Gibson on Daily Kos and Michael Moore: "Pol Pots," "Khmer Rouge wing of the Democratic Party"

Gibson: "Lefties" are "cheering terrorist victories," "pulling for the wrong side"

Gibson: "Make more babies" because in "[t]wenty-five years ... the majority of the population is Hispanic"

Gibson suspicious that Hispanic-American advocacy groups are set on "retaking old Mexico territories ... by pure birth rate"

So again, its totally wrong for someone to have doctored a clip of John Gibson. And for sure Huffington Post should have checked before they posted the clip.


It was quite believable that John Gibson would say some insane, crazy crap thanks to his long history of spouting insane, crazy crap.

(* And yes, I work at Media Matters and yes George Soros and the Ghost Of Stalin both gave me a directive to make this post in order to further the Glorious Goals Of Our Revolution, or whatever nonsense you righties will come up with this time around)