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"I have talked about it on TV for several years."

That was the final word in a Twitter conversation I had with MSNBC's conservative host, Joe Scarborough. Basically Joe was proud of himself for advocating a return to non-utopian foreign policy, and I asked him how he reconciled that with his support for the Iraq War. To which Joe essentiallyresponded that his support was okay because he was for the "Wilsonian" version of the war in which the sole goal was getting WMD and killing Hussein, but then I asked what would be more utopian than assuming killing Hussein would make everything all better?

And that's when he told me "I have talked about it on TV for several years" and that I should buy his upcoming book.

So that settles it.*

* Except you don't get to pick and choose. Joe was for the war and the entire Bush prosecution of the war. Joe was for the utopian nonsense George W. Bush was for, and so was -- and is -- the failing conservative movement.