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Heath Shuler's Political Instincts As Good As NFL Career

Which is to say: Not good at all.

Democratic Rep. Heath Shuler said Monday that his party's leadership on Capitol Hill has failed to pursue a bipartisan compromise to a costly economic stimulus package, arguing that a lack of Republican support is eroding the program's credibility.

The conservative Democrat, who represents a western North Carolina district, was one of a handful in his party to oppose the stimulus package when the House voted on it two weeks ago. He said Democratic leaders in Congress haven't made any effort to hear his concerns or assuage his fears about the spending bill since the vote.

Look, Heath, people like me supported you because to win in a conservative Southern district you're the kind of conservative Democrats have to run. But that doesn't excuse stabbing the House leadership in the back while you agitate for the Republican party. Now, do what you did best when you were on the Redskins: sit on the bench and shut up.