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Grant Morrison Really Does Suck

Teaser poster for Final Crisis

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I've been reading and collecting comic books for maybe 25 years now. I'm almost exclusively a DC reader and especially since I'm a Superman fanatic, I have been a devotee of their big Crisis-style crossovers. Final Crisis is the first one of them I've ever quit reading before it ends because I frankly had no idea what was going on. I thought I was alone on this, but I'm not. It's not like this is a complex thing, but writer Grant Morrison has thrown out the basics of literature in this offering. It doesn't make sense. There are shifts in time, characters pop in and out, and it just turned into a bowl of mush. I like when comics take chances, when they break the mold of the safe superhero genre... but they've got to make sense!

I really don't understand what DC was thinking. The "Crisis" events generally form the spine of the DC Universe and set things up for the future. But if the spine comes out like its been through the meat grinder, that just devalues everything else.

It was a huge mistake for DC to put Final Crisis into Grant Morrison's hands. And he's completely screwed it up.