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Gawd, Newsbusters Is A Joke

Newsbusters headline: "WaPo Hypes Homecoming Drag Queen at George Mason as 'Glittering Moment of Inclusiveness'"

The Washington Post sub-headline in print: "Not Everyone Is Celebrating Glittering Moment of Inclusiveness"

So the Post headline is discussing the fact that not everyone is wild about the drag queen, and yet the Newsbusters version is that the Post is hyping it as a positive thing. How does Newsbusters reconcile this b.s.?

The real issue here is that the people at Newsbusters (and Media Research Center, who backs them) are so insecure in their sexuality that they don't want the newspaper reporting on an event about a drag queen. It's not that they seriously have an issue with the paper's reporting -- they just don't want the story reported.