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Deneen Borelli, Conveniently Black In Service Of The Right Wing National Center for Public Policy

This is Deneen Borelli. She works for the National Center for Public Policy.

National Center for Public Policy is funded by entities like ExxonMobil to attack global warming research. They were also one of the top defenders of corrupt former Republican majority leader Tom DeLay, going so far as to launder money for him. One of their projects is a blackwashing entity called Project 21. Project 21 exists to employ black people who have no qualms about attacking the civil rights movement while being paid by wealthy right-wingers (click here for some of the really dumb stuff Mychal Massie of Project 21 regularly vomits on America).

That's where Deneen Borelli comes in. She's the subject of a press release this group put out, with the laughable headline "Black Activist Slams "Stimulus" Spending Making Billions Available to ACORN". Of course, that headline makes it look like a real civil rights activist is coming out against ACORN (the newest right wing boogeyman since the election). In fact it seems ACORN isn't even eligible for these funds the right is hyperventilating over.

Deneen Borelli, this "black activist" has argued that blacks shouldn't support Obama's agenda, said that somehow Rev. Wright's comments pointed to a secret belief among black churches, and - apparently with a straight face - claimed that anti-global warming policies hurt black business.

In other words, Deneen Borelli works the corner of political commentary, putting a black face on the same old warmed over conservative nonsense that helped knock America off track. She should be ashamed of what she does, but I guess the dollar bills sop up her tears.