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Conservative Movie Fail

Clip from Team America: World Police (very very very NSFW language) that shows that its not a conservative or liberal film

There are so many things wrong with this list of "conservative" movies. First of all, something right: I do think The Incredibles is conservative in its message of why artificially making everyone "special" means that nobody is actually special. That said, much of the list is taking popular films and branding them conservative. There's nothing conservative about Forrest Gump, 300, Ghostbusters - effing Ghostbusters, what was Slimer reading National Review in the library? - or especially The Dark Knight.

Nothing at all. The right can't get over the fact that Hollywood is very liberal, and then in the same breath they repeatedly denigrate the arts. They would rather believe that there's a secret conspiracy to lock out the poor trod upon neocons, but in fact most of the time the failure cons embrace is putting their ideology first.

Take for instance the mega-flop American Carol. Rather than design a funny movie, then mix in a conservative point of view, they decided to be a conservative propaganda vehicle - to the point where they put a cameo by Bill O'Reilly in it. Not even the Fox News crowd went to see it. On the flip side, the filmmaker attacked in that movie, Michael Moore, clearly knows what he's doing. Moore's a talented person who understands that entertaining the audience is a key element of getting his liberal message across.

Which takes us to the two movies I've found to be quite conservative in the last couple of years: The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up. Sure, they're both crass comedies, but both films are at their core about men accepting responsibility and acknowledging that the time to be a child has passed. But I think conservatives like the people at National Review see a poop joke and cross that kind of movie off the list. And yet a liberal like me enjoys it.