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Bill Donohue Defends Catholic Church Reinstatement Of Holocaust Denier

Predictable, but still kind of amazing the lengths Bill Donohue and the conservative Catholic League will go to defend whatever the church does, hides, and endorses. From a Catholic League press release:

On January 29, nearly 50 Catholic Democratic congressmen sent a letter to Pope Benedict XVI stating their concerns over Bishop Richard Williamson’s comments questioning the historical record on the Holocaust. The bishop belongs to the St. Pius X Society, a group which recently had its excommunication lifted by the pope. The congressmen implored the pope to denounce the bishop’s views.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue spoke to this issue today:

“The congressmen’s letter to the pope smacks of posturing and hypocrisy, and is factually wrong. They begin by saying ‘we are writing to express our deep concerns with your decision to reinstate Bishop Richard Williamson to communion with the Catholic Church….’ The fact is that the pope did not reinstate the bishop to communion with the Church—he merely lifted the excommunication of the group to which he belongs. In order for the group to be fully reinstated, it would have to express its fidelity to the teachings of the Church, as well as the norms of Vatican II. In other words, the letter is based on a false predicate.

In the past, Donohue has attacked the press for reporting on the systematic protection of pedophiles by the Catholic Church, so I guess support of a holocaust denier is okay as well as long as it comes from Vatican City.

Kind of sick, though.