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Battlestar Galactica: The Oath

Spoiler space.

Ok, so I know based on the way the show is being written that they're on the "wrong" side, but I totally agree with Felix Gaeta and Tom Zarek. Working with the Cylons is insane. How can the fleet just forgive genocide like that? The Six in custody on Galactica goes on and on about the preservation of the Cylon race, but they never express any serious remorse for what they did.

1. Loved Tigh's reaction to Laura Roslin's sleepover with the Admiral.
2. Starbuck/Lee kiss was a little ridiculous. I've come to dislike Starbuck.
3. So is Baltar over his hallucinations? Sexy Six hasn't been around for ages.
4. How could they only have two loser marines guarding Tigh and Adama?
5. Seriously, there's no way to trust the Cylons.