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Tomorrow a New World Begins

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By David Glenn Cox

Tomorrow a New World begins; in this new world we are going to tell the
unvarnished truth. We are not going to skim the numbers or color the
facts. The unemployed are unemployed. They are not discouraged workers,
they are not displaced or outsourced, they are unemployed. And they are
unemployed, to a large degree, so that a small number of people can get
very, very rich.

We are not in a recession, repeat, we are not
in a recession; we are in a depression. A massive depression and until
we face that ugly truth as the ugly truth we cannot begin to dig out of
this man-made calamity.

We have begun, in the name of the rich
and for the rich, a policy of exporting 30% of our manufacturing base
to the third world. Productivity has reduced industrial employment
another 10% while at the same time financial services have soared. This
policy has resulted in fewer jobs with lower wages for the citizens of
this country. It has been a boon to despots and dictatorships around
the world. We import container ships full of slave-made crap and we
return them full of hard currency; then we rush them home to go and get

At the same time and for the pleasure of the same small
group, we have altered our tax policy to aid and abet this same small
group. We have been told in the repetitive monotone of Big Brother that
these tax cuts bring jobs, and yet the last eight years have produced
fewer jobs than any presidency since, “Ready?” Herbert Hoover. We have
eliminated the death tax, which wasn’t a death tax but an inheritance
tax, so that heirs to billion dollar fortunes can escape writing a
check to the tax man. We hear the big lie of taxing small business will
hurt the economy without distinguishing the difference between profit
and income.

This is from the same media which yapped with
pleasure at stories of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction, and they
barked on cue to explain that these tax cuts would help grow the
economy. They gleefully ignored America’s cities decaying into ruins,
just as they ignored the millions suffering in the so called “good
times.” An expansion of credit, a fisherman’s jig to lure in the
suckers, then snap! “Welcome to the nightmare.”

Now the rescue
prescription is $787 billion with $200 billion for tax cuts with a $500
tax credit for the working poor. (Yippee Skippy) $144 billion for the
states, $111 billion for infrastructure. Those infrastructure projects
will have a 15 to 20% profit margin built in so the taxpayer only gets
eighty cents on the dollar, and the workers will earn not much more
than pennies on the dollar. Not much bang for the mega buck, is it?

Republicans howl in agony, as they prostrate themselves and tear at the
ground. “How," they ask, “can we allow this legacy of spending to be
saddled on our children?” This, after eight years of irresponsible tax
cuts almost exclusively for the benefit of those who needed them the
least. After two foolish and unnecessary wars which have caused the
deaths of nearly 5,000 American service people and the wounding of
30,000 more. The army is exhausted, its equipment is old and worn, its
objectives are unmet, and the treasury is empty. Not since Caligula has
there been such a massive waste of empire. Honorable men would hang
their heads in shame, and the less honorable would hide, while those
without honor speak in Congress.

Now this same media and these
same Republicans say that it’s wrong to try and assist the people
because “They,” the people, were irresponsible! One company, A.I.G.
(American Insurance Group), has already received $150 billion in
taxpayer aid and today will ask the US taxpayer for an undetermined
amount to cover a $60 billion loss in the fourth quarter of last year.
But, you? You get five hundred bucks and Republican sneers.

Governors parade for the cameras to announce that they won’t take the
stimulus money. If they mean that then let them cut the food budget at
the Governor's mansion to that of a food stamp recipient in their
state. Sorry, but they make too much for food stamps, so they get zip.
Ditto heating and mortgage assistance. Let them pay the upkeep and all
the bills for the Governor's mansion out of their own pockets. What a
proud day for Louisiana that’s its residents can suffer to get their
governor in the headlines!

The Republican plan is to bank up the
fires and to let you starve and to throw you out into the road. Obama’s
plan is to bank up the fires and to make a minimum effort to keep some
from starving, to spend billions for banks and insurance companies and
pennies for you. If A.I.G goes under, the big money boys would suffer.
But you, you wouldn’t know the difference. If you go under the big
money boys wouldn’t know the difference either, but you, as a citizen,
have a constitutional right to government protection. A.I.G does not.

year from today, unemployment will be double the government's foist
pretend numbers. A.I.G will need still more money and Republicans will
still argue that the best course of action is more tax cuts and letting
you starve. The media will continue to repeat its same tired corporate
message and will, to a large degree, ignore the suffering of millions.

took over the streets of Athens for two weeks; protesters brought down
the government in Iceland. Protesters rioted in Sophia, Bulgaria and
farmers in France shut down Paris. Last week 120,000 marched in Dublin
as Great Britain has earned the title of the “sick man” of Europe. In
Switzerland, once the haven of banking stability, two banks, Credit
Suisse and UBS, totter towards ruin and default with seven times the
liabilities of Switzerland’s GDP.

The Irish protesters carried
signs that read, “We won’t pay for the Greed of the Super Rich.” In
America Fox news asks, “Was Sarah Palin mistreated by the media?”,
along with a round-the-clock litany of Republican congressmen. But a
New World starts tomorrow; this is our world. Let the banks fall into
ruin as we are already in ruin.

The US media will not cover
these stories; instead they tell manipulative lies. Yesterday CNBC
noted that Citigroup stock was up almost 20%, or .19 cents. This on a
stock that was selling for $26.00 a share less than a year ago, that
now sells for two dollars and change. Fox News interviews Wyoming
Senator John Barrasso about manufacturing, ignoring that the population
of Wyoming is about the same size as the population of metro
Montgomery, Alabama.

Our free press is not ours. It is theirs
and they are enemies of the people. They aid and abet in the misery of
the average American. They broadcast for free on airwaves that are the
property of the people of the United States and dare to call us losers
and free loaders. The tank crew that fired on the Al Rashid hotel knew
what they were doing. The press was not their friend, just as the press
is not our friend. They are persona non grata.

I read and grow
weary, then I became depressed, but then I became angry. In my anger I
found a new freedom. Capitalism is dead and I will not let the weight
of its corpse suffocate me. The broadcast media are, for the most part,
Judas goats; just camp Kapos, unloading the trains. The President
offers hope and promises that America will recover, and the crowd of
assembled millionaires, the prime beneficiaries of the fallen system,
responds with the thunderous applause of a Nuremberg rally. Just whom
do you think he’s going to save first?