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Bobby Jindal Attacks Obama

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By Ben Cohen

Speaking before Obama's presentation to Congress, Gov. Bobby Jindal attacked Obama's stimulus package as being 'irresponsible'. Clearly vying for a shot in 2012, Jindal is putting on his political cap and acting as the GOP's front man for their stupid policies. From the AP:

Responding in advance to Obama's televised speech to a joint session

of Congress, top Republicans said the president relies too heavily on

spending, and not enough on

tax cuts

, to try to revive the gasping economy. They said they want to work with


, and sometimes blamed congressional Democrats more than him. But their criticisms were sharp and plentiful.

"The way to lead is not to raise taxes and put more money and power in hands of Washington politicians," Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who gave the Republican Party's official response, said in excerpts released early. The massive economic stimulus bill
recently enacted by Obama and congressional Democrats, Jindal said,
will expand the government, "increase our taxes down the line, and
saddle future generations with debt."

"It's irresponsible," said Jindal.

It is simply breathtaking that any Republican can lecture a Democrat on fiscal responsibility given the extraordinary deficits they have built up over the last 8 years. Jindal must know how ridiculous he looks, and if he doesn't, he has no chance in 2012. Republicans need to come up with something better than this.