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Human Rights Groups Angry With Clinton Over China

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By Ben Cohen

The latest flap over Hillary Clinton's non confrontational visit to China is being given far more attention than it deserves. While China's human rights record is certainly terrible, it baffles me why people think the United States has any moral authority to lecture her.

Groups like Amnesty International were up in arms when Clinton said that that human rights could not interfere with talks on issues like the financial crisis,
global warming and North Korea, asserting that China's treatment of political dissidents, forced labor camps and one child policy should be given priority.

While the groups are right in principle, the United State's two illegal wars in the Middle East, torture of prisoners, use of illegal extradition and illegal wire tapping make any criticism look faintly ridiculous. Particularly given the fact that China is funding the U.S bailout package, taking it to task for abusing its own citizens is not only politically impractical, but economically suicidal too.

I'm no fan of Hillary Clinton, and think the triangulating, partisan politics she has perfected over the years has been immensely damaging to the country. But on this issue, she has it right and should leave moral posturing for another time.